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Why We Gather

12.17.17 - Colossians 3:12-17

As a church, we gather together for Christ-centered community! The Word creates community, a gathering of God's people-united to Christ by faith, forgiven, filled with the Spirit, provided with new hearts and committed to the mission of God. We call these communities, churches. These communities exude the character of Christ to one another as they are continuously being transformed by the Word of Christ. Simply put, the Word is at the center of our community. When we gather, we gather to hear the Word, to sing the Word and to pray the Word. May the Word, coupled by the powerful ministry of the Spirit, continue to bring people into God's community at MCC, and may we participate in that work, for we must, by proclaiming the Gospel to those in our relational worlds. May we do this for the glory of God!

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