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The Church: Why We Gather

10.7.18 - The Essentials of Sunday Morning Worship

The fundamental reason why the church gathers is to worship God, and at the center of that worship is the Word of God. Today we will begin by briefly addressing "why we worship" and "what worship is," but the majority of our time will be spent discussing the things that should be present in our regular corporate worship gatherings, specifically the five essential elements of the church's corporate worship. We gather as God's set-apart people in Christ to read the Word, preach the Word, pray the Word, sing the Word and see the Word. The dominant message of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation is the Gospel, and at the heart of the Gospel is Jesus Christ. Therefore, we will be arguing today that our worship on Sunday mornings is to be Christ-centered. As stated in our mission, "We gather together for Christ-centered worship."

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