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Preaching The Whole Bible

2.16.20 - Preaching The Whole Bible

How would you respond to someone who asks you, “What is the Bible about?” Have you ever thought about this question? Do you tend to think about the Bible as one big story or as a collection of multiple books, unrelated and intended to be studied on their own? The Bible tells one big story, the story of God’s mission to rescue His people through Jesus Christ. Every part of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, tells this story. The major theme that helps us to make sense of the Bible’s big message is the Kingdom of God. From Kingdom abandoned to Kingdom perfected, the Bible tells the incredible story of a King who leaves His throne to rescue His people. The irony is that this rescue comes through the death of the King. The King lays down His life to win His people back. There is no other story like this, and it’s true. It’s a story that demands our attention, a story that invites us in, a story that the Holy Spirit works through to bring us under the saving rule of this King for His glory and our deepest joy. Those who know the story are called to tell the story to others, so that more and more people may be brought under the saving rule of King Jesus by repenting from sin and trusting in the King!