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Comforting Words from the King

5.17.20 - Peace in the Midst of Pain! (John 16:33)

Where do you typically look for peace in the midst of pain? In John 16:33, Jesus instructs us to look to Him and His words of promise for true peace. In John 14-16, Jesus provides His followers with numerous promises related to the believer’s present and future, promises that are intended to encourage and comfort the King’s people. Jesus does not promise an easy road for His followers, but He does promise to hold us up in the midst of tribulation. We can take courage in the King’s victory and rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ. It is much easier to endure the pain of the present when you know the end of the story. Our passage serves as a call to regularly dip into the well of God’s word for the sweet water of gospel promise. I pray that we all drink deeply of this water today!

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